Adjusting system

All settings are located in the system folder. You can adjust your website here.

├── content
├── media
└── system
    ├── extensions
    ├── layouts
    ├── resources
    ├── settings
    └── trash

The extensions folder contains installed extensions. You can use the layouts folder and the resources folder to adjust the appearance of your website. The settings folder contains configuration files. The trash folder contains deleted files.

System settings

The main configuration file is system/settings/system.ini. Here's an example:

Sitename: Anna Svensson Design
Author: Anna Svensson
Language: en
Layout: default
Theme: stockholm
Parser: markdown
Status: public

You can define the system settings here, for example the name of the website and the email of the webmaster. Individual settings can be defined at the top of each page. For a new installation you should set Sitename, Author and Email.

Text settings

Another configuration file is system/settings/text.ini. Here's an example:

Language: en
CoreDateFormatMedium: Y-m-d
picture.jpg: This is an example image

You can define the text settings here, for example text sections and image captions. Text settings consist of Language and other settings. You can define any text or adjust the default settings of languages.

User accounts

All user accounts are stored in file system/settings/user.ini. Here's an example:

Name: Anna Svensson
Language: en
Home: /
Access: create, edit, delete, upload, system, update
Hash: $2y$10$j26zDnt/xaWxC/eqGKb9p.d6e3pbVENDfRzauTawNCUHHl3CCOIzG
Stamp: 21196d7e857d541849e4
Pending: none
Failed: 0
Modified: 2000-01-01 13:37:00
Status: active

You can use the web browser and the command line to create new user accounts and change passwords. A user account consists of Email and other settings. If you don't want all pages to be edited in the web browser, then change the home page of the user.